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Terms & Conditions of Electronic Submissions

Please be advised that this protected health information will transmitted to our office by email. Please understand that in accordance with the New York State Privacy and confidentiality laws and regulations (1) we cannot guarantee the security of email transmissions, (2) it may be inadvisable to send us sensitive or private information by email, to which you may choose to use an alternative and more secure means such as facsimile or postal service, (3) no evaluation or treatment is or will be offered by email communication, (4) we accept but cannot assure you whether or when we will respond to email communications, and (5) if we do respond, there may be a delay, so do not use email for any urgent matters or to communicate with us if a healthcare emergency arises; we do not check emails frequently enough. By submitting this page you accept and agree that we may reply to this message by email.

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